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We manufacture pressure, temperature and level measurement technology for industrial plants, heating and refrigeration systems, agricultural goods and the food industry. Our products are developed hand in hand with you, our customers, to provide you with the greatest possible benefit.

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Bimetallic thermometers according to EN 13190

Our bimetallic thermometers are available in exactly the version you need. The housings are available in diameters of 33, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 160 mm. With temperature probes from 4 mm diameter and process connections from M6 to G1″, we have the right measuring device for every application.

The technical data in short form:

  • Housing sizes from NG33 to NG160
  • Measuring ranges from -200 °C to +600 °C
  • Process connections from M6 – M27 and G1/8″ to G1″.

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Bimetallic Thermometer with Limit Switch

The bimetallic thermometer is a precise measuring instrument for local temperature monitoring. In combination with inductive or magnetic spring contacts, they form a versatile and efficient measuring instrument for all applications in which limit value monitoring is required in addition to temperature indication.

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Machine glass thermometer

The machine glass thermometer is used in many industrial applications in machine and plant construction as well as in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

Machine glass thermometers are maintenance-free and are characterized by their very long service life. Since it does not contain any mechanical components that can wear out, there is no aging that leads to deviation of the measured value.

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Measurement technology for agriculture and landfill

When recycling biological waste such as compost or cooking residues, the BioAbfV stipulates that the biological waste must be subjected to hygienization or biologically stabilizing treatment. This prevents subsequent decomposition processes and thus gas emissions and odor pollution. This hygienization can be achieved by exposing the compost to a temperature of 55-65°C for a defined period of time.

Furthermore, the compost must be turned regularly, as high temperatures are generated during the decomposition processes and the compost can ignite itself.

With our insertion thermometers you have the possibility to monitor the temperature precisely. There are different models available for your application.

As a local display, with data logger for subsequent evaluation or as a radio system with permanent monitoring of the measurement data and the possibility to trigger an alarm if a limit value is exceeded.

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