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Structure group 30

Industrial dial thermometer | Structure group 30



  • with gas filled measuring system
  • nominal size 100 an 160 mm
  • protection type IP54 | IP65
  • measuring range -200 up to +600 °C
  • with value switch
  • multifunctional relay
  • ATEX admission (on request)
  • protective sleeves as structure group 40
product specificationpage 1.0
product specificationpage 1.1
Thermometer for direct mounting
adjustablepage 3.0
centric / eccentricpage 4.0
verticalpage 5.0
superficial feeler for pipelinespage 5.1


Remote thermometer
device holderpage 6.0
rear fixing flangepage 7.0
front fixing flangepage 8.0
superficial feeler for pipelinespage 8.1
construction dimensionspage 9.0
Special executionspage 10.0
Limit value switch
low action and snap action contactZ10
Multifunctional relay for Z10        Z11
inductive contactZ13
Multifunctional relay for Z13Z14
electronic contactZ15
micro switchZ16



Made in Germany


Over 65 years



Made in Germany

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