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Structure group 10

Bimetal dial thermometers | Structure group 10


  • nominal size 33, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 160 mm
  • measuring technique huminity as datasheet 10
  • wide range of diverse applications
  • protective sleeves as structure group 40
Product specificationpage 1.0
Product specificationpage 1.1
Bimetal dial thermometer, nominal size 63 bis 160
Horizontal mounting, with protective sleevepage 3.0
horizontal mounting, with protective sleeve, simple executionpage 3.1
vertical mounting, with protective sleevepage 4.0


Bimetal dial thermometer, nominal size 63 bis 160
horizontal mounting, with threadpage 5.0
vertical mounting, with thread        page 6.0
Bimetal dial thermometer, nominal size 63 bis 160

horizontal mounting,

sliding on stem flange or rear fixing flange, feeler brass

page 7.0
Bimetal dial thermometer, nominal size 33 bis 50
horizontal mounting, with threadpage 8.0
Bimetal dial thermometer, nominal size 50 bis 100
clamp on thermometer for surfacespage 9.0
Hygrometer, nominal size 100
horizontal mountingpage 10.0
Thermo - Pressure gauge, nominal size 80
horizontal mounting for heating and district heating plantspage 10.1



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Made in Germany

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