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Armatherm was founded in 1949 by Oskar Günthel.

In the beginning, the company focused its production on glass thermometers and aerometers suitable for numerous applications. The products were made for industrial, commercial and small trade customers.

Production initially took place in Lipperode near Lippstadt. Shortly thereafter, the company relocated to a larger facility in Lemgo. Skilled workers from Central Germany, the home of the glass industry, were hired to form the permanent staff of the company. The company expanded its activities in Lemgo and added thermometers of all kinds to its product range:

monitoring thermometers, laboratory thermometers, manometers, aerometers, battery syringes, and antifreeze testers.  


A plant extension allowed the company to produce enclosures and mechanical thermometers including:

bimetal dial thermometers, dial indicator thermometers, and remote thermometers.

In 1962, the company was converted into a limited liability company (GmbH). Partners are the members of the Günthel family.

Based on the requests of its customers and its own experiences, the company added the following groups of components to its product line-up:

multi-range manometers, diagonal-tube pressure gauges, U-tube manometers, and swimming pool thermometers.



The product range was later completed by digital handheld measuring instruments, built-in devices with digital displays, resistance thermometers and a wide range of custom models.


While the company focuses its activities on Europe, it also has excellent contacts to customers all over the world.


1972 After working for the company for almost 17 years, Mr. Herbert Begemann becomes its Managing Director.


1997 Mr. Christian Günthel, grandson of the company’s founder Oskar Günthel, joins the company.


In 1998, the company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


In 1999, the company celebrates its 50th anniversary.


In 2002, company founder Oskar Günthel passes away.


2003 Certification according to ISO9001:2000


2004 After serving the company as its Managing Director for many years, Mr. Herbert Begemann retires. Mr. Christian Günthel, the                  company founder’s grandson, becomes the new Managing Director.


2016 Change of name in Armatherm Fabrik technischer Messinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG Lemgo and the company is taken over by the          technical Merchant Manfred Jünemann


Made in Germany


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Made in Germany

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